Did you know?
  • Arizona ranks #1 in identity theft victims in the nation by more than 3 times the second-ranked state.
  • Nearly 10 million people a year nationwide are victims of identity theft.
  • Victims can spend up to 5,840 hours repairing damage done by identity theft...that's nearly 9 months!
Data Destruction

Getting rid of an old PC, upgrading to a new hard drive, returning a leased computer, or redeploying a PC within your company? It is truly imperative to completely destroy all data.

We offer FREE Gauranteed destruction at our warehouse. You can view 1 to 1,000 drives being destroyed using a High Powered Cutting Shear. We can remove the drives for you as well or take your lose drives and destroy them as you watch. The left over computers or drive remains become property of Victory Electronics to recycle for electronic scrap

Failing to properly destroy data with discarded business, proprietary, patient, customer, credit, or other sensitive information could create both legal and public relations nightmares.

We offer several services related to data destruction, including hard shredding (CDs, DVDs, floppies, and hard disk drives), document & record shredding & destruction, and recycling.